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All taxpayers in Canada file their own personal tax returns. There is no such thing as a joint return as in the U.S. Tax instalments are commonly paid by self-employed taxpayers and those with high pension and investment income which is often.

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Listed below are the back issues of newsletters we mail out in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format. It is full of useful tax information. .New HST Regime, CRA Audits, 2010 Taxes & HSTReal Estate Agent, 2009 Federal Budget & Taxes

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Effective September 1, 2012 the IRS implemented new streamlined filing compliance procedures for U.S. taxpayers living outside of the U.S in recognition that some U.S. taxpayers living abroad have failed to timely file

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Within 90 days of any assessment or reassessment, you can appeal any corporate or personal tax or HST assessment or reassessment by the CRA internally to the Appeals Division. Once you appeal

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The Taxperts Group History

The staff at The Taxperts Group has been providing services for nearly three decades and specializes in taxation. Our services include Canadian personal taxes, Canadian corporate taxes, U.S. personal taxes, tax planning and Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) audits and appeals. We also handle applications under the Voluntary Disclosure Program where a taxpayer has failed to declare income or is several years delinquent in filing corporate or personal tax returns and wants to avoid the imposition of penalties on the tax filings. We handle audits and appeals for the above-named areas as well as for GST and PST. Our accountants on staff have a legal and accounting expertise accountants on staff, we combine our legal and accounting expertise to minimize taxes payable on filing, and to optimize taxes payable through intelligent tax planning and also to avoid problems on audits and appeals.

We prepare T1 Canadian personal tax returns and we specialize in self-employed taxpayers, high-earners and real estate investors. We also have an accountant with U.S. CPA credentials who is been preparing U.S. tax filings for over 15 years. We prepare 1040 U.S. personal tax returns and 1040NR federal and state returns for those with investment properties in the U.S. We prepare the 1040 federal returns for American citizens living outside the U.S. - - "Overseas Filers" - - who can claim a Foreign (Self-) Employment Tax Credit and Foreign Tax Credits to, usually, reduce taxes payable to zero. We also do Canadian and U.S. federal and state taxes, what are known as dual status filings, for those moving to or from the U.S. for the year of the move.

We prepare T2 corporate returns mainly for small private corporations along with the accompanying financial statements and we also provide bookkeeping services. We handle audits and appeals for both personal taxation and corporate taxation.