CRA Aggressively Auditing HST New Home Buyers Rebates

Many individuals purchasing new homes from a builder are completely unaware they are getting a tax credit as part of the purchase. We are receiving daily calls regarding CRA audits of the rebate. There are two essential components to qualifying for a rebate. First, one must have had the intention of making the new home their primary residence when purchasing. Secondly, the purchaser or a relative must be the first to occupy the unit. The CRA is using scare tactics and aggressive phone calls to entice damaging statements from taxpayers in order to get the rebates back. In some cases, the rebates plus interest can total over $25,000. We recommend those being audited to cease all communication with the CRA to avoid any self-incriminating statements. If you did not move into the newly constructed property and a tenant moved in, you may qualify for the rental rebate. The CRA auditor will almost certainly not inform you of the other rebate program.

We are ‘taxperts’ in dealing with audits and appeals of the HST New Home Buyers Rebate. If you have been contacted by the CRA regarding the HST New Home Buyers Rebate and would like assistance, please contact us at 416-493-0444 or