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All taxpayers in Canada file their own personal tax returns. There is no such thing as a joint return as in the U.S. Tax instalments are commonly paid by self-employed taxpayers and those with high pension and investment income which is often.

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Listed below are the back issues of newsletters we mail out in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format. It is full of useful tax information. .New HST Regime, CRA Audits, 2010 Taxes & HSTReal Estate Agent, 2009 Federal Budget & Taxes

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Effective September 1, 2012 the IRS implemented new streamlined filing compliance procedures for U.S. taxpayers living outside of the U.S in recognition that some U.S. taxpayers living abroad have failed to timely file

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Within 90 days of any assessment or reassessment, you can appeal any corporate or personal tax or HST assessment or reassessment by the CRA internally to the Appeals Division. Once you appeal

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Find Quality Tax and Accounting Services in Toronto, Ontario

Taxes and accounting can be one of the most complicated aspects of personal or business life. This is why you need to turn to the tax experts for help to ensure you complete all the paperwork properly. If you are looking for help with your taxes, you can turn to The Taxperts Group. Our experienced professionals can help with both Canadian and U.S. tax preparation in Toronto, Ontario, giving you peace of mind that your tax return will go through without a problem.

Understand the New Laws

Our experts stay on top of all the latest changes to both Canadian and U.S. tax law. It is critical for everyone to turn to a company that keeps updated of all changes. Every year, changes are made to tax laws, making it difficult for the average person to keep up. For instance, we understand the new housing tax rebate in Toronto, Ontario. When we complete your tax return, we will determine if you qualify and help you get the money you deserve from your return.

Help with Complex Issues

We don't simply handle easy returns that don't require a lot of work. We also handle issues, such as tax audits and appeals. We will help you fight against the CRA, allowing you to reduce penalties and interest. We can provide services to those who must file a return in the United States, even though they currently reside and work in Canada. We even work with non-residents to help them navigate the extremely complex policies and procedures related to non-resident taxation.

Taxperts unique perspective combined with sound accounting principles can help you minimize the taxes you pay! Our expert planning not only gets you the return you deserve now, but helps you minimize your tax bills for years to come. We'll even help you navigate through audits and appeals so you'll have more time doing the things that are important to you.